Futurizing insurance


The insurance market is on the move like never before. Alongside many uncertainties and risks, the changes present something else: great opportunities. The challenge is to recognize these opportunities, and take advantage of them to actively and dynamically shape the change.

At LHD, we combine our experience in supporting change processes with our know-how in success-critical areas of the insurance industry in an efficient advisory model.


Nga Le started her career with a leading reinsurer. Later, she was involved in founding life and non-life companies before launching her own Insurtech in 2018. She has a holistic view of the insurance business model and brings in-depth knowledge of underwriting to the table.


As a company with long-standing relationships with insurers and reinsurers as well as companies from the primary insurer environment, we take a highly nuanced view of the industry. In our work, we also consistently draw on experience from other industries.

This leads us to unusual approaches to solutions and enables us to successfully reposition companies and brands even in difficult environments. In addition, we integrate proven change methods into each of our consulting projects

Mike Durrie

As a senior copywriter and consultant, Mike Durrie has worked closely with globally leading insurers and reinsurers since the early 2000s. His special focus is on change communications and corporate culture.


Together with you, we define the change objectives and identify the existing foundations within your company on which to build meaningful change. Based on these findings and depending on your needs, we work with you to develop new products, organizational structures and approaches for new behaviors and methods. In this way, we achieve measurable progress toward the required change.

Throughout the project, we offer you just as much support as you need – no more and no less. Because our goal is to set processes in motion that will continue to gain momentum on their own.

Whether it’s changes in product development, process optimization, or communication, it all starts with the answer to the question “Why?” For this reason, a concise, convincing and uncomplicated storyline is necessary, which we develop together with you. In this way, you create understanding and awaken a sense of enthusiasm and urgency for the necessary changes – internally among your employees and externally among your customers and partners.

And by the way: For complex projects, we draw on a proven network of specialists. We make our team as big as you need it to be.

Michael Hinz

For more than 25 years, Michael Hinz has worked as a communications expert for nationally and internationally operating brands. His specialties include repositioning and turnaround communications.


  • Fast and targeted work to achieve your strategic goals
  • Great potential for cost savings in your company
  • Clear positioning and branding or brand development
  • In-depth expertise in sustainable financial product development, digital distribution channels and blockchain advisory
  • Professional risk management and portfolio know-how – based on more than ten years of solvency consulting for all lines of insurance

What you won’t get from LHD:

  • Extensive reports and statistics without interpretation and implementation support
  • Abstract analyses without direct reference to the desired project results
  • Long-term dependence on our services